The Theory Part 3

Climate Change and A New Ice Age
Theory Involving A Dark Nebula

The Theory Part 3

Temperature is increasing in the Northern Hemisphere. It is known under the name “Global Warming”. Studies show that glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster and across a wide area than previously thought. There is also evidence for widespread glacial retreat. The reason is Dark Nebula which is moving through our Solar System. In recent times a Dark Nebula has probably thinner volume of atoms and dust particles. More penetrating light increases the temperature on the surface of our Earth.

Since 1992 European spacecraft, Ulysses has been monitoring the stream of stardust and atoms flowing through our Solar System. This spacecraft is able to monitor changes in the stream of stardust and atoms.

New data from Ulysses shows results which found that dust is from beyond our solar system. The samples show that only 0.03% is affected by sun’s heat.

Astronomers found a cloud of dust near the sun and are monitoring its movement. Nebular clouds of dust and atoms are forms in interstellar space. Their dimensions are hundreds of light years across.

From new data it may be possible to study the conditions and composition of a nebula. If we have good knowledge about it, we can predict the climate for our Earth.

Lubomir Cizek, Laguna Woods, California, Dec. 4, 2014.


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