The Theory Part 2

Climate Change and A New Ice Age
Theory Involving A Dark Nebula

The Theory Part 2

An event similar to the situation in Moravia happened in Southern California. Rapid stream of water from the San Gabriel Mountains formed the deep San Gabriel Canyon near the city of Azusa. Sedimentation of gravel and large rocks are located below the canyon. There is mining of gravel.

The greatest melting of glaciers was in the region of East-Central Canada from Great Lakes to the shores of Greenland. The glaciers had a depth of up to 40 meters. Great Lakes were created by melting of glaciers and there is evidence of that on their shores. I believe that this event happened at the same time as in Europe and is a world-wide phenomenon.

During the last Ice Age, groups of mammoths and other mammals lived in North America, Asia, and Europe. The drastic climate change, which occurred in a short time, had a tragic effect on the animals. They were unable to adapt to the new climatic conditions and perished.

We are living in an Ice Age. Large glaciers cover Greenland and Antarctica. Present Ice Age is about two million years old. Scientists try to explain the reason Earth’s temperature changes for development of an Ice Age.

Astronomy brought several possibilities. James Groll proposed increased eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit. His theory was modified by Milutin Milanovitch. He found cycles of a temperature minima. Flint noted that temperature changes are too small for effect needed. Changes in the intensity of Sun’s radiation were proposed by Huntington. A theory of an ice dump directly from space was advanced by D. W. Patten.

In “Continental Drift Theory”, A. Wegener suggested that continents are sliding around the globe. Change in elevation of continents was the most natural cause for an Ice Age. Miscellaneous theories observe atmospheric and ocean circulations. Theory called “White Hole Effect” involves an increase in albedo of sea ice on the Arctic. J. W. Humphrey suggested fine atmospheric dust from volcanic activity decreases sunshine.

All these possibilities could happen many times on the Earth’s surface. Between former Ice Ages were hundreds of millions of years without any glaciers on the surface of the Earth. No new indication of an Ice Age was observed at this time.

My theory of an Ice Age has different origin. I propose that the area around our solar system is in a Dark Nebula which brings cold weather and an Ice Age by decreasing sunshine.

Dark Nebula is invisible. Light either passes through it or is absorbed. Dark Nebula, in which we live in our Solar System, covers the central part of our Galaxy. Astronomical photographs of deep space show that the brightest part of each galaxy has its center formed by a huge amount of stars. The center should be visible by the naked eye on a sunny day as a large white cloud. Our galaxy has a visible supernova star approximately every five hundred years. From observation of other galaxies, we can see in their spirals a new supernova about every fifty years. We can’t see the center of our Galaxy or often a supernova star because they are covered by a Dark Nebula.