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Lubomir Cizek – Biography


My life is connected to Southern Moravia east of the city of Hodonin. In my youth I often went to Morava River, where there were sand and gravel beaches. I always wandered how it is possible to have gravel in a clay containing area. No rocks were visible for many miles. This whole area was agricultural land.

I studied Mining Engineering and Geology at the Mining Academy in Ostrava, Czech Republic. After completing my studies I went to work at an oil company which was located in Hodonin.

During my employment, I found out that the vast area where I worked was filled by a thick layer of gravel. In petroleum production it was necessary to isolate this layer of gravel from other layers.

One of my teachers Professor Kettner had a long article about ice ages and their consequences. I was fascinated by reading this article. At that time I was very interested in study of ice ages and studied all articles at my deposition. I found that hot weather was suddenly able to produce big changes on Earth’s surface. Hot weather melted the biggest glaciers in East – Central Canada.

My other hobby was astronomy. I spent a lot of time at a telescope and a lot of time studying astronomy books and photos of deep space. Dark nebula was a prime subject of my interest. There are big changes between light and dark parts like in the Horsehead nebula. This is a part of the nebula that can produce changes in hot or cold weather. Ten thousand years ago such a nebula entered an area of our sun. Dark part moved out and hot weather came suddenly and produced large river of running water with gravel that ran 100 mile long journey that created a sedimentation area of many square miles.

This was my conclusion as to what happened with the gravel and weather in Southern Moravia.